Cimex CR48 Shampooing Scrubber Polisher

Cimex CR48 Shampooing Scrubber Polisher

Item # CIMEX100EA

  • For all floor surfaces. Incorporating the Cimex 3-brush system for increased performance and ease of use.
  • 80 L x 50 W x 112 H
  • 550 watts motor power
  • 400 rpm pad/brush speed
Manufacturers Item #CR48

Applications: Scrubbing of hard floors, carpet shampooing, polishing and spray cleaning of vinyl and ceramic floors. Suitable for use in all areas of commerce, industry and the public sector.

Features & Benefits

  • Cimex 3-brush action for unbeatable scrubbing increased safety and ease of use for the operator.
  • 3-brush action prevents cable damage.
  • Auto reverse action for extended brush life.
  • Floating brush action effective on uneven surfaces and studded tiles.
  • Non-clog solution valve.
  • Non-marking wheels and fender for a truly professional finish.
  • Water delivered through brush center reduces splashing.


  • Working Width: 48 (cm.)
  • Pad/Brush Diameter: 20 (cm)
  • Pad/Brush Pressure: 38 (gm/cm2)
  • Cable Length: 15 (meters)
  • Solution Tank Capacity: 25 (litres)
  • Motor Height Clearance: 45 (mm)
  • Noise Level: 60 dB (A)
  • Weight: 47 (kg.)
  • Theoretical Coverage: Scrubbing 1440 (m2/hr), polishing 2160 (m2/hr), spray clean 1080 (m2/hr), shampooing 1440 (m2/hr)